Brotherly Love


♛—};The alarm clock blared in his ears like the nagging mother who used to wake him up for school. Dragging himself up, he hit the snooze button before getting out of bed. He went upstairs to the kitchen and got out a carton of orange juice and poured himself a glass. 

His brother was sitting across from him at the table. Roy sighed softly as he rummaged through the fridge and got out a carton of eggs to make for breakfast. “Always the early one, brother?” he said. 

Cracking a few, he scrambled them in a hot pan before serving them to himself with ketchup. “I suppose you have work today?”

A quick glance over his shoulder told him that his brother had decided to get out of bed and greet the morning. “Yeah, an early shift.” Came simple reply. Lips connected to the brim of his coffee mug, head tilting back so he could sip the warm beverage.

"Then I have class after, so I’ll be home late. You’ll have to make dinner tonight." His dark eyes glanced over at his younger twin, brows furrowing just a bit. Last time he asked his brother to cook, he only made food for himself, so Roy had to wait another half hour before eating. "And make sure you make enough for me too. I don’t wanna come home all dog tired and have to drag myself all around the kitchen making something."




"—Got a staring contest with the ground??"


                         —- I want … something permanent.

                                                     Something that can’t be  {{ taken }} away ;;

                                  [ Is that too much to ask? ]


❝ I had to grow strong, ‘cause I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing you sad again… 

                                                           Then I’ll be stronger, so you won’t have to.』 

"—I need a god damn drink."